Wake Up! Calm Down
through rhythm and dance 

Fully orchestrated tunes with teacher's guide especially prepared for working with children by ELIZABETH POLK, ADTR, Dance Therapist

This is a special edition CD, made from two records, containing selections of music representing a wide variety of moods, originally issued as Volumes 1 and 2. They appeal to all age groups, inspiring people to move freely.

Dance teachers, dance therapists, movement therapists for the elderly, as well as classroom and music teachers will find the CD most valuable in initiating movement and as accompaniment.

The teacher’s guide contains tested approaches to the use of the musical selections in special education and in special physical education classes.

The suggested teacher-directed activities serve to develop conscious body control, endurance, group interaction, and rhythmic sensitivity. These activities help to release pent-up feelings and to create a proper atmosphere, joyously enlivening and harmoniously calming a class. 

Parents will find the CD an ideal babysitter.  For music teachers, early childhood, and elementary school teachers the CD and teacher’s guide guarantee success.


1 Town Without Pity
2 Gustaf’s Skoal
3 Down by the Station
4 Tijuana Christmas
5 Champion Charlie Brown
6 Korobushka
7 Elizabeth’s Waltz
We’re Off to See the Wizard
9 Shoemaker Dance “Wind the Bobbin”
10 Badinage
11 Limbo Rock
12 76 Trombones
13 Schottische
14 So What’s New?
15 You Do Something to Me
16 Hava Nagilah
17 Masquerade
18 Pop Corn
19 Beer Barrel Polka
20 Skater’s Waltz
21 Jingle Bells
Music in A Time to Dance is excerpted with permission from this CD.

Music arranged and conducted by John Lesko. Originally produced by Educational Activities, Inc. and reproduced with permission.

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